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In addition to networking opportunities through our global network of student blockchain clubs, a membership the European Students Blockchain Coalition (ESBC) also offers the opportunity to visit events that have partnered up with ESBC. In addition official ESBC Side-Events are also accessible to members. Furthermore, ESBC organizes an (online) educational webinar with a Web3 esteemed organization. The webinars will be accessible to all members. 

To sum up, this is what a ESBC offers:

A community including:

❖ Global communication channel: we have a communication channel with all our members, representing over 15 countries;

❖ Webinars: every month we will host an online webinar with a Web3 esteemed organization, which will be accessible to all our members;

❖ Events: we partner up with events to receive student tickets, volunteering opportunities and more.

❖ Side-Events: we organize physical student side-events for our members;


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